In the opening minutes of Disney’s Fantasia, conductor Deems Taylor explains “…then the music begins to suggest other things to your imagination. They might be, oh, just masses of color, or they may be cloud forms, or great landscapes, or vague shadows, or geometrical objects floating in space.”

There is no language more universal than music. We live lives full of birdsong, awash in the energy and cymatic resonance of all things. This exquisite, peculiar energy creates a rippling vibration — a subtlety of insight, emotion, and empathy with the power to heal. If we remain curious, attentive, and accepting, the abstraction of birdsong takes shape and we find a blueprint that allows us to, in the words of philosopher Gillian Rose, “pass beyond the preoccupation with endless loss to the silence of grace.”

Our love animates our reality. This is merely an invitation to dance.